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Membership Categories

The Association has seven categories of membership for licensed asbestos removal companies, UKAS accredited laboratories, consultants & organisations providing goods or services for the industry, and companies that serve the asbestos removal industry. All categories of membership are open to UK companies, with some available for companies overseas. The Association has strict conditions of membership for all applications to ensure that the highest standards are achieved and maintained.


Full Contracting Member
A company engaged in the removal of asbestos and complies with the conditions of membership.

Full Member Non-Contracting (ATaC)
A company which is UKAS accredited for asbestos surveys, and/or asbestos analysis, and fulfils the requirements of the Asbestos Testing & Consultancy division (ATaC) membership

Full Member Non-Contracting (Associate)
A person, company or organisation which fulfils associate membership status, but who also requires voting rights and the opportunity to stand for election to the Governing Council.

Associate Member
A person, company or organisation that does not qualify for full membership of the Association, but who in the opinion of the Governing Council can directly assist the aims and objectives of the Association.

Corporate Member
A company or organisation which fulfils the corporate membership status, but does not qualify for full contracting or ATaC membership and operates in the following sectors: building, construction & property; trade associations with members operating in these sectors; local authorities.

Labour Supply Member
A company supplying operative labour to the licensed asbestos removal industry.

Information Service Member
A person, company or organisation, such as a local authority, construction contractor or information service provider, may be admitted to the membership grade upon application. However this does not entitle them to use the ARCA logo.

Information on the application process and an application form are available in the ARCA Membership Application Pack.

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