The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) is the leading trade association in the field of asbestos management services.

By supporting high standards and professionalism across member contractors ARCA provides reassurance for clients.

The Association is committed to providing the best asbestos training, support, representation and advice, so offering a unique range of benefits and support services to members.


For over 40 years, ARCA has supported asbestos removal contractors, providing guidance and advice, and taking up numerous initiatives to help move the industry forward, promoting professionalism and high standards…read more

ARCA was formed on July 1st 1980 to support the asbestos removal contractors in the UK.  Membership has grown considerably from the original four founder members, with members in all regions of the UK - North East, North West, Midlands, South West and Wales, South East, East Anglia, Scotland - and also in the Republic of Ireland.

The Association has gained credibility with HSE, Government, local authorities, and all those concerned with safety in the occupational handling and removal of asbestos materials.

High Standards

Member contractors need to continuously prove their high standards on site as part of the Association’s Site Audit Accreditation Scheme.

ARCA and Members take yet a further step to demonstrate high standards by committing to four unannounced site audits each year … read more

Members are seen as the specialists in this difficult and hazardous industry and recognised for their professionalism and quality of work.  Therefore, clients know when they choose ARCA members they are selecting from the very best in the industry.

Quality Management

The Association has followed and been audited under the ISO 9001 quality management system for the last17 years. The ARCA quality management system (QMS) describes the approach, procedures and processes to be followed in order to demonstrate the Association’s ability to consistently provide quality membership, training and auditing services. The 2015 version of the standard also includes assessing leadership; the organisation’s goals and how these will be achieved.

Membership Benefits & Support

Licensed asbestos removal contractors have access to a range of benefits and support from a team of experts. ARCA provides guidance and advice, and continues to take up initiatives to help move the industry forward, promoting professionalism and high standards.

This includes the Site Audit Accreditation Scheme and the development of ALFA, a unique performance rating app.

Investors in People

ARCA was awarded the Investors in People (IIP) silver accreditation following its first-time assessment, in April 2020. Through this accreditation, the IIP Board has recognised ARCA’s success as a high-achiever and business-leader, noting its exceptional performance in people management, leadership and development.


ARCA use various methods to communicate to and with members, including member regional meetings held regularly throughout the year. This allows members to play more of an active role in the Association and enables their views to be heard by the ARCA Governing Council.

Also ARCA publishes the ARCA News magazine four times a year. The magazine contains Association and industry news, guidance and articles on current topics, an essential read for all asbestos management professionals.

If you need the services of an asbestos removal specialist ... find an ARCA member near you.


ARCA - the mark of professional excellence