Competent Advice

Competency of the workforce is vital in the asbestos removal industry.

What does competency mean? Competence does not simply mean that an operative, supervisor or manager has a current training certificate, but has the skills, abilities, knowledge and behaviours that lead to successful performance within their role.

Asbestos licence holders are legally required to have effective management arrangements in place, therefore the Asbestos Management Institute (AMI) guidance document, 'Competency within the Asbestos Removal Industry', describes a six-step practical approach to managing competency and training, designed specifically to meet the needs of the asbestos industry.

To support members, ARCA provides comprehensive training and quality assured assessment routes to qualifications for operatives, supervisors and managers.

Also, members licensed asbestos removal contractors can contact ARCA, at any time, to discuss a specific topic or issue. The advice given can help to ensure that contractors have an effective comeptency assessment system in place, so meeting the legal expectation and supporting a licence renewal application.

Members have the benefit of immediate access to expert confidential advice - we are here to support you.

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