Feedback and Testimonials from Candidates

At ARCA we are constantly examining our own practice to improve our delivery of practical, classroom and remote asbestos training.

However, to help you get a feel for the quality that we offer, here are just some of the comments and feedback from previous candidates.

"I  really enjoyed the Dutyholder course. I have completed both Asbestos Awareness (with ARCA last year) and the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (in January 2024) so the content of the Dutyholder course built very nicely on both of these courses.

I was slightly concerned about how effective the learning would be over Zoom for 3 days but the course was well organised and brilliantly delivered by Shaun Wilson (who had delivered the Asbestos Awareness course). It is important that the course tutor can provide examples that bring the learning to life and Shaun was able to do this from his previous experience. This made the subjects easier to understand in terms of implications of not adhering to legislation.

Covering the course over 2 days and then a break before the final day and exam was different. I wondered whether I would retain the information with the 5-day gap but Shaun did a re-cap of the first two days before we completed the final day. With hindsight, this approach helped with work, with the 4 days spread over two weeks rather than one. Other people may have a different opinion and may prefer to cover all 4 days in one chunk."

Course:  RSPH Level 3 Dutyholders