Additional Site Audits

ARCA audits are widely acknowledged within the industry as promoting good practices, therefore, as part of its unique range of services, ARCA offers members site audits on request.

These audits follow the same criteria as the ARCA membership audits and so provide a consistent form of measurement and further quality control mechanism to help keep standards high. The Association's team of trained auditors are available to carry out asbestos removal site audits across the UK.


Can an additional audit be unannounced?

Members can request ARCA additional audits to be:

  • by arrangement, whereby the member can ask for a specific site to be audited
  • unannounced, whereby ARCA selects the site so the member has no prior notice of an audit


How do members request an additional site audit?

Requests are now made online via the portal.

Just log into your portal to complete and submit a request form. 

Our team will then manage the complete process from assigning an auditor to issuing a site audit report.

If you would like more information ... call us on 01283 505776