Asbestos Removal Operative e-Learning Course Refresher

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About ARCA e-Learning

eLearning courses are designed for experienced workers with minimal training needs, aiming to refresh their understanding of core principles and expectations. They consist of modules that, when completed, constitute comprehensive asbestos refresher courses.

The courses align with Regulation 10, Information, Instruction, and Training, of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. They follow the core practical competencies outlined in the Asbestos Management Institute’s ‘Competency within the Asbestos Removal Industry’ guidance document. Which has been endorsed by the HSE as a sensible and appropriate approach to training and competency management.

What courses are on offer?

Discover the “Asbestos Removal Refresher” course, an in-depth program designed with your safety in mind. This comprehensive course is broken down into seven crafted modules, each addressing various aspects of asbestos removal. From safety regulations to proper handling and disposal procedures for asbestos-containing materials, and even emergency protocols – we cover it all.

The e-Learning package is an effective and convenient way to ensure that asbestos removal workers stay up to date with the latest regulations and best practices and can work safely and efficiently in their roles.

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