ARCA Training - Operative Courses

ARCA offers training courses for new asbestos removal operatives and annual refresher courses at its centres, as well as remote training courses.

All training courses are delivered by one of our team of qualified trainers who have extensive industry knowledge and experience.

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New Asbestos Removal Operative Training

A three-day training course for individuals, who intend to become an operative in the asbestos removal industry, to gain knowledge of asbestos removal practices and procedures. This ARCA course, ensures that candidates receive the underpinning knowledge and gain the skills required to remove asbestos safely. Read more >

Industry Refresher for Operatives

This one-day course is designed as a general industry refresher for operatives, who have previously completed the full operatives training course and now need an annual refresher. The content of this course is constructed from information gained from a number of industry sources to create a dynamic training session. Read more >

Remote Industry Refresher for Operatives

This course is designed to provide a general theoretical refresher, for operatives who have been identified as not needing any practical refresher training and have previously completed the full operatives training course. Read more >

Use, Inspection and Routine Maintenance of RPE

RPE training for individuals who have responsibility to undertake the ‘Monthly Checks’ on RPE, which need to be performed by a competent person. Read more >