Member Internal Site Audit App

ARCA asbestos removal contractor members can sign-up to use the 'Member Internal Site Audit App', so their internal site audits use the same question set as the ARCA audit, which follows the ‘Plan, Do, Check’ approach to health and safety management.

Using the App enables members to make direct comparisons of external and internal audit results, so providing a strong management tool.


For asbestos removal contractors to run an effective audit programme it is good practice to undertake both internal and external audits. However, often these two elements can differ in what is audited, limiting the scope of analysing the audit results collectively. ARCA's Member Internal Audit App supports a consistent approach.

This user friendly App, incorporates guidance with each audit question, can be used on sites even with no internet connection and generates reports which include the photographs taken on the device used.

The App is a web and remote device based application enabling auditors to audit using a number of handheld platforms: Apple iOS (iPhones/iPads), most Android (phones/tablets), Kindle Fire and Windows tablets.


  • Analysis of all audit results – the App enables members to use the same question set as the ARCA site audit so enhancing the analysis and performance management of member contractors’ audit programmes.
  • Scores automatically - the App scores member internal site audits automatically.
  • Photographs – the App generates reports which include the photographs taken on the device used by the auditor on site.
  • Corrective Action Report - the App identifies and collates any non-conformities within the audit report and presents the information within a separate Corrective Action Report. This is made available to the member immediately after the internal audit is completed, enabling actions to be rectified without delay.
  • Contract Manager Site Observation Audit – enables managers to quickly and easily record findings when visiting sites. Also, provides a more formal and consistent approach so supporting member contractors’ performance management.
  • Non-Licensed Work – there is an audit form so observations and actions can be recorded for non-licensed work, which provides a useful tool to demonstrate compliance with the CAR 2012 regulations, as well as general duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.
  • Soil Remediation Audit – a form has been produced to cover the criteria specific to the methods and controls used during soil remediation and the audit will be scored automatically within the App.
  • User-friendly – web and remote device-based application enabling auditors to use on a number of handheld platforms and incorporates guidance with each audit question.

"Key to any audit programme is consistency, so being able to use the same questions and have the same report format, as ARCA audits, has been a huge benefit to us. Now the ARCA Member App scores audits and produces a corrective action report, means that our managers can immediately, and clearly, see how we have performed on-site." Les Kelly, Senior Contracts Manager for Solent Environmental Services (Asbestos) Ltd.

How to sign up and Pricing Structure

ARCA members can sign up for the Member Internal Audit App at any time, for a single user or multiple users

There is a 50% price reduction per user once there are more than five registered users. Full pricing information is within the booking form available to download below..

General information on the App, a booking form and full 'terms and conditions of use' are available below.


Enhance your site audit programme by signing up today... call 01283 505776.