Additional site audit bookings at new high

During the first half of this year ARCA has seen more additional site audits booked and completed for members than ever before.

ARCA continues to see an increase in the number of additional site audits booked by members, with the first half of this year showing a 72% increase compared to the first half of last year.

“Members see the benefit of additional site audits in supporting their full audit programme and this increase reinforces the creditability of our audits,” commented Geoff Silver, Membership Compliance Manager for ARCA.

“Our additional site audits follow the same criteria as those audits under the Association’s site audit accreditation scheme. This allows direct comparison of results, which provides a stronger management tool.”

Members can request an additional site audit to be ‘unannounced’, so that they and their on-site team have no prior notice, or ‘arranged’, whereby the member can ask for a specific site (and time) to be audited, which could be for a number of reasons, such as, a new supervisor is on that site or the team is undertaking removal in a difficult location.

More information on additional site audits, together with a booking form, can be found here.