ARCA acknowledges members' consistent high performance on-site

Gold Site Audit Award recognises 6 consecutive excellent audits

ARCA acknowledges member contractors’ consistent high performance on-site by presenting a Gold Site Audit Award.

This award is not for just one excellent audit in one year but for 6 consecutive excellent membership ‘unannounced’ audits spanning up to 3 years.

“This gold award is very significant and meaningful to the contractors, and also to their end-clients,” commented Geoff Silver, Membership Compliance Manager for ARCA.

“This award is evidence that high standards and good practice is maintained over a lengthy period of time and over various removal jobs. Also, ARCA’s audits are unannounced, so the contractors have no idea that an auditor is coming on site to review their performance, so giving a more realistic view of a contractor’s usual performance.”

“I’m delighted to see both members retaining this award, and members receiving it for the first time,” concluded Geoff.

Under the Association’s membership audit scheme, contractors undertake three ‘unannounced’ site audits every membership year. These audits need to be passed satisfactorily for the company to maintain membership. For the Gold Site Audit Award, asbestos removal contractor members need to achieve Grades A-C, with an average of at least a Grade B, in 6 consecutive membership audits.

ARCA is committed to continually improving standards, so providing clients with a high level of reassurance.

Congratulations to all the winners. Gaining this award illustrates the quality of all the team members both in the office and on-site.


ARCA Gold Site Audit Award Winners 2020

Abastra Environmental Ltd
Active Environmental Management
Allan Dyson Asbestos Services Limited
Alliance Asbestos Services Ltd
Allweather Roofing & Construction Ltd
Amicus Environmental Ltd
Amstech Asbestos Removals Limited
Arton Monoseal Ltd
Aspect Contracts Ltd
Bilfinger UK Ltd
Capstan Group Services Limited
City Building (Glasgow) LLP
Clifford Devlin Ltd
Crystal Environmental Services
Decontaminate (UK) Ltd
Econ Group Ltd
Environmental Asbestos Solutions Ltd
Erith Contractors Limited
H B Insulations (Notts) Ltd
Jackson Environmental Ltd
John F Hunt Ltd
KDC Contractors Ltd
Keltbray Ltd
Lawson Environmental Limited
Maylarch Environmental Limited
McGee Environmental Services Ltd
Pier Contractors Limited
R & F Insulations Limited
Reliable Environmental Ltd
Solent Environmental Services (Asbestos) Ltd
Spectra Analysis Services Limited
Stork Technical Services Ltd
Wellington Insulation Co Ltd
Wring Group Ltd