ARCA Announces Gold Training Awards 2021


The Association is delighted to announce the 41 member companies who have achieved the Gold Training Award for 2020/2021.

These member companies achieved this award by training eight or more operatives and/or supervisors with ARCA during the twelve-month period, and the candidates achieved an average score of 92.5% or above.

“The last 18 months has been challenging for all, so it’s great to see so many of our members gain the ARCA Gold Training Award this year,” commented Satish Patel, Training Manager of ARCA.

“Our development and delivery of remote training courses was very well received and continues to be an important service, and when we re-instated centre-based training in June last year, it was well supported by members. We are very proud that we were able to continue to provide training for our members’ operatives, supervisors and managers, so they have been able to keep their knowledge up to date.”

“Congratulations to the companies and candidates for achieving the high average scores required.”

These members are now able to use the ARCA Gold Training Award 2021 logo, recognising their achievement.


ARCA Gold Training Awards Winners for 2020/2021

Active Environmental Management
AIB Solutions Ltd
Alltask Ltd
Amity Insulation Services Ltd
Amstech Asbestos Removals Ltd
Arco Environmental Ltd
Asbestech Ltd
Aspect Contracts Ltd
Axiom Building Solutions Ltd
Blucon Environmental Ltd
Cablesheer (Asbestos) Ltd
City Building (Glasgow) LLP
Core Environmental Services Ltd
E4 (Environmental) Ltd
Economic Insulations (Portsmouth) Ltd
ECT Environmental Ltd
Environmental Asbestos Solutions Ltd
Erith Contractors Ltd
European Asbestos Services Ltd
Hampshire Environmental Services Ltd
Horizon Environmental Ltd
Inner City Environmental Ltd
Insulation Contracting Services Ltd
Jackson Environmental Ltd
Jeto Ltd
John F Hunt Ltd
Kershaw Contracting Services Ltd
MCE Contract Services Ltd
MIC Group Ltd
MJW Asbestos Removal and Re-insulation Services Ltd
Northern Asbestos Services Ltd
Northern Insulation Contractors (UK) Ltd
Pier Contractors Ltd
Quality Asbestos Services Ltd
RH Insulation Services Ltd
Rhodar Ltd
Solent Environmental Services (Asbestos) Ltd
Squibb Group Ltd
TES Environmental Services Ltd
UK Environmental & Asbestos Solutions Ltd