ARCA claims over £26,000 in CITB grants for members

ARCA, an Approved Training Organisation with CITB, can claim grants on behalf of members who have undertaken recognised short duration training courses with the Association.

Recently, ARCA contacted all asbestos removal contractor members who pay the CITB Levy requesting information for all the candidates who had undertaken a ‘short duration course’ with ARCA, during the period April 2018 to 19 August 2019.(ii) All information gathered from members was then uploaded directly into the CITB IT System.

The eligible short duration courses attract grants of £30, £70 or £120 per candidate. Although a £30 grant for a candidate undertaking an operative refresher course may not seem a huge sum, these grants add up.

ARCA claimed over £26,000 in grants for members, based on candidates who successfully completed short duration courses between April 2018 - 19 August 2019.

Supporting members going forward, the team at ARCA will process ‘short duration course’ grant claims every month for members throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Members(i) can also claim a ‘short period qualification’ grant, for individuals who achieve an NVQ or the Level 4 Contract Managers qualification.

Further information on these CITB grants is available on the ARCA website.

(i) ARCA members that have a CITB Levy Number or registered to CITB for grants can make claims
(ii) At time of publishing this news piece