ARCA delivers bespoke asbestos training course

ARCA recently delivered a bespoke training course for site management staff at MIC Group, after they recognised that it would be beneficial to gain further knowledge on personal air monitoring and air management within an asbestos removal enclosure.

Following the initial enquiry, ARCA delivered the training course within three weeks. The course content included; the legal requirement and purpose of personal air monitoring, relationship with analyst (ref Nov 2018 PoW guidance from HSE) and recording/collating data. Air management was covered in the practical training area, using a pre-built enclosure and NPU, so elements such as, air flow and movement, and flap deflection were easily demonstrated.

“The course content proposed by ARCA was just what we needed,” commented Dean Hickin, Director of MIC Group. “After my phone call to ARCA we were soon in the classroom, and having practical demonstration at their training facility was a definite benefit. A well delivered course.”

“I’ve now booked ARCA to run this course for all our site management staff.”