ARCA Gold Site Audit Award Winners

ARCA is delighted to announce the winners of the Gold Site Audit Award, which acknowledges their consistent high performance on site.

To gain this award asbestos removal companies need to achieve Grades A to C, with an average of at least a B Grade,  across 6 consecutive unannounced site audits.

“A huge congratulations to all our members who have achieved the award,” commented Juliette Church, Site Audit Manager for ARCA.

Going forward ARCA will be changing the timeframe for achieving this award, that is, from 6 consecutive unannounced site audits being over two calendar years to being across two membership years.

“The membership periods vary depending on when a company joined the Association. Rather than the Gold Audit Award being recognized at one specific point of the year, the change means that companies will be gain a Gold Site Audit Award at various times throughout a calendar year as soon as the qualifying criteria is met,” stated Juliette Church.


Congratulations to the 2022 winners

Active Environmental Management

Alliance Asbestos Services Ltd

Amianto Services

Amicus Environmental Ltd

A.R.C.S. Environmental Limited

Asbestech Limited

Asgen Limited

Ashbee Solutions Ltd

Aspect Contracts Ltd

Bilfinger UK Ltd

Calder Insulations Limited

Capstan Group Services Limited

Carymar Construction Services Ltd

City Building (Glasgow) LLP

City Services Group LLP

Clifford Devlin Ltd

Close Brothers Rail Limited

Decontaminate (UK) Ltd

Econ Group Ltd

ECT Environmental Ltd

EM1 Ltd

Erith Contractors Limited

European Asbestos Services Ltd

H B Insulations (Notts) Ltd

Insulation & Environmental Services Ltd

Jackson Environmental Ltd

J S Environmental Ltd


Lawson Environmental Limited

McGee Environmental Services ltd

M & D Group Midlands Ltd

Merryhill Envirotec Limited

Reactive Integrated Services Ltd

Reliable Environmental Ltd

R & F Insulations Limited

Roberts Environmental Services

Safeline Environmental

Southern Asbestos Services Limited


Congratulations to members who have already achieved the award for their membership period 2021-2023

Active Environmental Management​

Amstech Asbestos Removals Limited​

A.R.C.S. Environmental Limited​

Asbestech Limited​

BLS Asbestos Limited​

City Services Group Ltd​

Econ Group Ltd​

ECT Environmental Ltd​

J S Environmental Ltd​

Jackson Environmental Ltd​

Rilmac Insulation Limited​

Safeline Environmental​

Southern Asbestos Services Limited​