ARCA Issues First Black CSCS Manager Card

ARCA issues the first Asbestos Removal Managers’ black CSCS card, under the ARMI Skills Card Scheme.

Physical and Virtual Smartcards now available through the Association

Temporary red cards and a 5-year Asbestos Removal Manager black card, are now available from ARCA as a physical smartcard and also as a virtual smartcard.

“Following our announcement in August, that we issue all types of asbestos removal operative CSCS cards, under the ARMI Skills Card Scheme, I’m delighted that we are now able to offer cards for asbestos removal managers,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA).

“Also, we now have the system in place to offer all cards – operative and manager – as virtual smartcards, as well as physical cards, at no extra cost. This will enable the cardholder to store their smartcard, on an app on their smartphone or tablet.”

Richard Walker, received the first Manager ARCA ARMI Skills Card. “At Phoenix we use ARCA for all the asbestos training we require, in fact I undertook the manager update course and gained the Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management earlier this year,” commented Richard, Contract Manager for Phoenix (Leicester) Ltd.

“Gaining the CSCS card from ARCA was easy. I just sent in my certificates with the application form, and ARCA already had my photo on file. Within a few days I had a black smartcard, and the bonus of a virtual card too!”

To learn more about the ARCA ARMI Skills Card Scheme, the requirements for asbestos removal manager cards and to download an application form please visit here or call ARCA on 01283 505778.