ARCA launches New Rating App for Member Contractors

Today ARCA announces the availability of a new Asbestos Labour Feedback App (ALFA) system for member contractors to monitor the performance of employed operatives.

Following the successful development and use of the Asbestos Labour Feedback App (ALFA) for short-term operatives, this new ALFA system is now available to support member contractors in their training and development programmes.

This ALFA LARC Employees system is a stand-alone system for member contractors to use to rate and monitor their operatives’ performance on site as part of their internal training needs analysis (TNA) process.

The App enables ratings to be scheduled at set time intervals, or requested at any time, from a site supervisor. There is also the flexibility to arrange to rate an operative on a specific type of asbestos work, perhaps one they have not worked on recently.

Contractors can also use this ALFA system to manage certificates, for example a certificate due to expire will be flagged within 30 days of expiry.

“A rating is a TNA so will provide valuable information to support individual training programmes,” stated Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA. “So, after seeing the positive results of the ALFA Agency system, the Association took the decision to develop a similar system for our members to use as part of their employees’ training programmes.”

“The ALFA team has worked over the last 12 months to make this new system possible, so many thanks to them, and to the member contractors who took part in the pilot phase and for their valuable feedback.”

This new ALFA LARC Employees system provides an online system for employed operatives’ information, ratings and certificates, to be in one App.

ARCA is making this ALFA system available to all its asbestos removal contractor members, at no cost, to include in, and to support, their internal training and development programmes.

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