ARCA Member App now scores audits automatically

Recently, ARCA announced two new developments to the ARCA Site Audit App; automatic scoring and a Corrective Action Report. These developments have now been incorporated into the Member Internal Audit App.

This App is an adaptation of the ARCA Site Audit App, enabling Full Contracting ARCA members to follow the same question set as an ARCA audit.

The App now scores members internal audits automatically, using the same criteria as an ARCA audit, so improving this management tool for members to analyse their performance across all internal and ARCA audits.

Also, the App now identifies and collates any non-conformities within the internal audit report and presents the information within a separate Corrective Action Report, immediately after the audit is completed. This enables actions to be rectified without delay, and for many projects, this could be while the asbestos removal work is still being undertaken.

“From talking to members, we know that having the App score members’ internal audits will be a significant benefit in supporting their asbestos removal audit programmes,” commented Geoff Silver, ARCA Membership Compliance Manager.

ARCA members can sign up for the Member Internal Audit App at any time, for a single user or multiple users. Full information on pricing, together with a booking form can be found here.