ARCA presents at Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspectors conference

ARCA, the UK’s leading association representing asbestos removal contractors, was invited by the Health & Safety Executive to address the Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspectors’ 2015 conference.

ARCA is in regular communication with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) on various industry topics and guidance; however this invitation was an opportunity to directly address all of the Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspectors (ALPIs).

ARCA presents at Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspectors conferenceColin Seditas, Technical and Development Manager

Colin Seditas, Technical and Development Manager, represented ARCA at the conference. “Due to Colin’s previous experience of working for the asbestos regulator, he was in an ideal position to put ARCA members’ feedback of HSE’s inspections and assessments for regulating asbestos work across the country,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“As an Association, representing the majority of UK-based asbestos removal contractors, this was a great opportunity to share some constructive feedback from the industry,” commented Colin.

“Under the presentation title of ‘To see ourselves as others see us’, the main topic raised was in relation to the consistency of inspections and approach to assessments across HSE regions. All agreed that standards should be consistent - basically businesses across the UK require a level playing field.”

“The feedback was received well and led to positive discussion. I believe that speaking at this conference was very valuable, both to the inspectors and the industry,” concluded Colin.

Archie Mitchell, Head of Asbestos Licensing Unit, commented, “I’d like to thank ARCA, and Colin, for the contribution at this year’s conference. It was exactly what was required and had a suitable challenging function.”

ARCA and HSE have also discussed industry initiatives such as ARMI’s Competency Guidance, ARCA’s Institute of Leadership and Management approved courses and the practical application of the Health & Safety Laboratory’s (HSL) air management research.