ARCA Provide Free Webinar Training to Members on RPE Inspection

Yesterday, the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) presented two free of charge live webinars to provide training to member’s staff on RPE inspection and care.

A maximum of 95 delegates could be registered on each webinar and both seminars attracted the maximum number of delegates.  The seminars were well received by the delegates as comments from the post webinar surveys confirmed. 

Thought the course was excellent, provided more/better detail than on a number of face to face RPE courses.’

‘The speaker was very clear and explained everything in good detail, thought the props were a great addition. No improvements needed’

‘Good information even for supervisor/ operatives who have been doing the works for the last x amount of years.’

‘The mask inspection/cleaning demonstrations were very thorough and informative.’

133 delegates who submitted the required details will be provided with a certificate to recognise their attendance at the webinar.  ARCA will be announcing further RPE inspection and care webinars next week.