ARCA resumes practical asbestos training at centres

ARCA is pleased to announce that the delivery of practical asbestos removal training courses at the Association’s centres will resume later this month.

Within just a short period after COVID-19 lockdown, ARCA was delivering remote training, for those still working and those furloughed. The range of remote training has continued to be extended and now practical training at centres is being resumed.

“We have had some positive feedback from candidates on our webinars, as our trainers have made them feel very engaged even when being remote,” stated Satish Patel, ARCA Training Manager.

“Now with the ease on some COVID-19 restrictions and our members starting to get back to work, we are planning to offer more webinars, as well as resume practical training. We believe this flexible approach, of offering remote and centre based training, will support members as they review the training needs for their staff returning to work.”

For the health of staff and candidates, all practical training courses will be delivered following COVID-19 guidance, such as, reduced number of candidates per course, social distancing and hygiene practices.

Also, NVQs can be booked with ARCA, and whether at a training centre or on site, COVID-19 guidance will be followed.

Information on all practical training courses at ARCA centres and remote training courses are available here


Please note that all dates are subject to change and dependent on further government announcements.