ARCA Site Audit App Now Available for Members

ARCA is pleased to announce that the Association’s Site Audit App is now available to Asbestos Removal Members for internal audits.

This is an exciting new product development which will help enhance members’ audit programmes and therefore their businesses.

ARCA Site Audit App Now Available for MembersFor asbestos removal contractors to run an effective audit programme it is good practice to undertake both internal and external audits. However, often these two elements can differ in what is audited, limiting the scope of analysing the audit results collectively.

Now ARCA Members have the opportunity to register for the ‘Member Internal Site Audit App’, so they can use the same question set as the ARCA audit, therefore enabling direct comparisons of external and internal audit results. The compilation of all audit results for statistical analysis creates a stronger management tool.

The App, which is a web and remote device based application suitable for a number of handheld platforms, enables auditors to collect audit data, including photographs, in an efficient way. It is user friendly, incorporates guidance with each audit question and can be used on sites even with no internet connection. Also, management is enhanced as results, from all audits, can be displayed graphically to assist analysis.

Further information, including Terms and Conditions of Use and a booking form, can be found here
Don’t miss this exciting new product which can enhance your audit programme and therefore your business.