ARCA Site Audit Best Practice Course

The ARCA Site Audit best practice course offers an excellent opportunity for site teams, including supervisors and operatives, to enhance their understanding of the ARCA audit process and improve their performance in health and safety management. The course provides valuable insights into the expectations of an auditor with site compliance and the contributions expected from different site team members.

The performance of ARCA site audits is assessed based on the areas outlined in the HSE Document "Successful Health and Safety Management HSG65", with each section and question categorised into Plan, Do, and Check performance categories The new Site Audit portal analyses these categories to pinpoint areas that need improvement, with the aim of improving results on-site audits and addressing company-specific non-compliances.

Attendees will receive ARCA audit guidance notes for use during the course and for future reference. The course is offered mostly in-house to allow for the review and discussion of past company-specific non-conformances in audits, which can be valuable for identifying opportunities for best practices.

The ARCA Site Audit best practice course and audit portal can be highly beneficial for companies looking to enhance their health and safety management performance. This can also help ARCA members achieve the ARCA Site Audit Gold Award.

If you are interested in attending the course mentioned above, get in touch with the Site Audit team to arrange a place.