ARCA Site Audit Form Revision 16 Released

On Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024, Revision 16 of the ARCA Audit Form went live. The previous Revision 15 will now be archived.

The ARCA audit undergoes review throughout the year and is updated accordingly. For example, earlier this year members may have noticed the addition of an observations table.

However, the question set, and scoring are usually only reviewed annually.

This year’s updates include:

  • New questions on confined space and control sufficiency (questions 3.1.16-3.1.18)
  • Additional responses for:
    • Transit/waste routes (questions 2.5.1-2.5.3)
    • Clean-shaven personnel (question 2.7.3)
    • H-type vacuums on site (question 2.9.1)
    • Air inlets (question 2.8.3)
    • Waste containment (question 2.11.1)
  • Increased non-conformance levels for:
    • Insufficient flap deflection (question 2.8.2)
    • No leak tests when NPU cannot vent to atmosphere (question 2.9.6)
    • Inadequate emergency site arrangements (question 2.12.1)
    • Insufficient site welfare and POW detail (questions 3.2.2 and 4.3.16)
    • Not using an ARCA labour agency, where relevant (question 6.4.12)

These revisions reflect a review of the HSE’s inspection aide memoire and increased focus on site conditions.

As previously stated, audits are being conducted at all contractor sites where the contractor is present, regardless of the work stage. This mirrors the HSE’s site inspection approach, which has been standard since July 1, 2023. The impact of these expanded audits will be reviewed to ensure the SAAS continues meeting ARCA and member needs.

The guidance is primarily intended for the use of ARCA auditors as part of ARCA’s quality management system. However, it has been made available to ARCA members to help them ensure these standards are maintained on their sites.

If you have not received the latest guidance, please contact us and we can arrange this to be sent to you.