Audits for ARCA Members holding Scaffolding and Maintenance Licences

The Association is introducing annual audits for scaffolding and equipment maintenance members who hold an HSE licence.

ARCA has been carrying out audits for some of these member companies on request for a number of years. However, from 1st April 2021 the Association is formalising the requirement for an annual ARCA audit as part of membership.

An ARCA auditor will carry out an audit once a year on the performance of scaffolding companies while working on an asbestos removal site, and for companies which maintain equipment used on asbestos removal sites ARCA will audit the company’s maintenance facility.

The audits will be arranged with the businesses so that the complete process undertaken can be audited. This will enable the company’s performance to be thoroughly assessed and will provide the members with evidence of external audits to support their licence renewal application.

Audits will follow specific criteria relevant to the licensed work and will be carried out electronically using ARCA’s unique App, which will enable audit findings to be reported immediately to the business via email, along with a separate corrective action report if applicable.