Beacon introduce latest product to ARCA

In January Beacon International took the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate their latest product development at the ARCA standardisation meeting.

The new recirculation air management system was set up using an asbestos removal enclosure at ARCA’s Burton training centre. The demonstration showed how the system utilises a combination of natural and recycled airflow streams to increase the air changes per hour in the enclosure, and thereby reducing the airborne particle levels. Supported by a multi-functional computerised ventilation controller to monitor and maintain the negative pressure, and control the airflow.

“My thanks to Andy and Ray for taking the time to come over to Burton to discuss this new air management system with our team, even before it was launched to the market,” commented Satish Patel, Training Manager for ARCA. “To be able to see the system working and discuss how it was operating was a great benefit to the team (managers, trainers and auditors) in expanding our knowledge.”