COVID-19 ARCA Update

COVID-19 Insurance Advice for ARCA Members

Miles Smith, the appointed insurance broker for ARCA members have provided advice on your insurance provisions during the current COVID-19 crisis that is affecting many businesses and their operations.

Each business's circumstances are considered on a case by case basis, but you can use the guidance as a starting point to discuss with your insurance broker.

There is also an information pack which includes detailed information from Miles Smith's parent company Specialist Risk Group.

This includes:

An informative PDF detailing the Government initiatives to support businesses that are struggling as a result of COVID-19

  • A cash management summary including tips to help you manage your business's cash flow and prevent liquidation
  • 2 letter templates that can be used to furlough employees if necessary

In addition they have provided a 'Property Shut Down Risk Management Tips' document and a 'Property Shut Down Checklist'.


COVID-19 Getting Tested

The Government have today updated their guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test, how to get tested and the different types of test available.  The list now includes anyone with symptoms who cannot work from home and anyone living with with someone who cannot work from home who is showing symptoms.

Full details including how to arrange a test are available here.