Explore Our New Website and Discover Added Features for Increased Efficiency and Convenience

In May 2023, the new ARCA website was launched. The member portal on the new website offers a range of convenient features that help streamline the management of training, qualifications, and CSCS card applications. In addition to this, you can manage contact details and user access within the Member’s portal.

ARCA's new website offers an improved experience for members, with features that are designed to make managing training and qualifications easier. One such feature is the site audit portal, which members can now access more conveniently. Members can request additional site audits through the portal, allowing them to manage their compliance requirements more efficiently. The ability to request site audits via the portal saves time and resources. Members can also keep track of their site audit history and schedule new audits at their convenience. This feature is just one of many that demonstrate ARCA's commitment to providing members with valuable tools and services that help them succeed in their businesses.

Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA, said “Our team has worked very hard to create a user-friendly and informative website that provides our members with easy access to our services. With improved navigation, enhanced functionality, and a modern design, we believe our new website will provide a better user experience for visitors. We invite you to visit our new website and provide any feedback you may have”.

Finally, the website also provides the latest news and updates from the association, keeping members and users informed about the latest developments in the industry.