Hands on experience for Admin Staff

ARCA announce new training course so administrators can experience what on-site removal work is really like.

Administrators in asbestos removal companies are a key part of the team that produces plans of work, talks to suppliers and plan on-site resources. Training on business systems such as the purchasing system is one element companies can easily address, but training on what actually happens on a removal site, can be very limited due to on-site work being hazardous and restricted.

After a number of conversations with members, ARCA has stepped into help, as the Association is ideally positioned to solve this problem.

ARCA has produced a one-day training course that will enable administrators to experience what working on-site is really like and some of the issues their colleagues may face, all within a safe and controlled environment.
The course, at £125.00 (+ VAT), will cover a range of elements including; industry terminology, key legislative documents, asbestos licensing, plans of work and onsite documentation.

It will also include some practical hands on tasks, such as; use of RPE, basic enclosure construction and use of air/bag locks, as well as walking through a DCU to understand the decontamination process.

A number of ‘Asbestos Removal for Administrators’ courses are currently programmed at ARCA centres:

• 10th October at Burton

• 13th October at Manchester

• 13th October at Rayleigh

• 17th October at Glasgow

Experience what happens on-site while in a safe environment. For more details or to book on a course call ARCA on 01283 505777