Happy 40th Birthday ARCA

Supporting Asbestos Removal Contractors for 40 years

For 40 years ARCA has supported its member contractors, providing guidance and advice, as well as taking up numerous initiatives to help move the industry forward, promoting professionalism and high standards.

Back in the late 70’s a number of the more responsible asbestos removal companies were endeavouring to introduce standards. Then in 1979 a small number of these companies talked about establishing a trade association for companies carrying out asbestos removal work.

The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) was formed 1st July 1980.

ARCA’s aim then, was to introduce good practice standards to enable clients to have confidence in the way asbestos removal work was carried out. 

The reputation of ARCA and its aims soon spread across the industry and in the early 80’s the number of members rose considerably; soon exceeding 50 companies with many more wishing to join.

The industry continued to develop (for example, licensing of asbestos contractors introduced by HSE in 1983, requirement for annual training and the introduction in 1987 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations) and so did ARCA. Today our membership is virtually half of all licensed asbestos removal contractors in the UK.

Member contractors have access to a range of services, which have been developed to provide expert support for the management of safe operations. Also, ARCA has supported members in many other ways, such as taking the initiative to develop the Site Audit Accreditation Scheme, qualifications and a unique member internal audit app.

Developing Training and Qualifications – through ARCA, each of the key asbestos removal job roles; operative, supervisor and manager, have a clear career path of training and competency recognition.

High standards on site - the Association launched the Site Audit Accreditation Scheme in 2000, under which ARCA would audit members’ performance on-site. The scheme has been enhanced over the years to continue to support high standards across membership and provide a strong level of reassurance to all parties, including end-clients.

Today the scheme requires member contractors to have three unannounced - meaning contractors have no prior notice of when or where an audit will take place - site audits in every membership year and all audits have to be satisfactory to maintain membership.

Quality of Labour - with virtually half of all licensed asbestos removal contractors in the UK as members and the majority telling ARCA that their biggest issue was the quality of agency labour. ARCA took up the challenge and in September 2020, saw ARCA Members have the capability of ALFA, the Asbestos Labour Feedback App.

ARCA was formed to promote a professional industry and support its members. Something that ARCA has, and continues to work tirelessly towards.

ARCA is the leading association for asbestos removal contractors, with the mission to give the best possible service and support to assist ARCA members and customers in providing safe, effective and ethical management of asbestos, thereby safeguarding the public.