Imminent changes to NNLW and ASB5 forms

This week the ASB5 (Licensed Asbestos Notification) Form and the NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licensed Work) forms will be changed over to a new system.

What’s New

  • A pdf copy of notifications will be available immediately on submission of the form, avoiding the need to wait for a copy of the notification to be emailed to the notifier.  Notifiers must download this as they will no longer get an email copy sent to them.
  • Ability to amend the Site Address field on the ASB5 – useful if the wrong address has been input.
  • The NNLW form will have a new tick box for ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) in the section “which authority is responsible for inspecting the work”.
  • The text boxes now contain a counter and a progress bar.
  • Both forms will  be available via new links on the HSE Website Forms page.

What notifiers should do next

  • Bookmark a copy of the links to the two new versions of the forms (these links will not be active until after the above dates, so please don’t use them until then).  Don’t forgot to replace current bookmarks with the new ones.


ASB5: -

  • When using the new form, you must remember to download the pdf copy of your notification as you will no longer receive a copy by email.