More members now using Internal Audit App

Since developing a Member Internal Audit App for member removal contractors, the take up continues to increase with over 120 licenses currently being used by members to support their auditing programmes.

For asbestos removal contractors to run an effective audit programme it is good practice to undertake both internal and external audits. However, often these two elements can differ in what is audited, limiting the scope of analysing the audit results collectively.

Via the App members can use the same question set as the ARCA audit, which follows the ‘Plan, Do, Check’ approach to health and safety management,  therefore enabling direct comparisons of external and internal audit results.

To support compilation of all audit results for statistical analysis ARCA is currently developing an Audit Portal for members. Here all ARCA site audit reports (membership and additional audits) for individual members will be stored and data from internal audits via the Member Internal Site Audit App will be available if used. Also, grades for all audits will be displayed in table and graph form, and broken down into ‘Plan, Do and Check’, so providing a more detailed management tool so contractors can clearly see the ‘Action’ requirements.

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