New application process for CHAS via ARCA

Reduced rates for ARCA asbestos removal members

There is a new application and assessment process when applying for or renewing CHAS (H&S) accreditation from 1st July 2020.

The CHAS assessment process was changed to be in line with the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) requirement for all schemes to see greater evidence of all the requirements needed for accreditation.

For licensed asbestos removal members, ARCA continues to offer CHAS (H&S) assessment alongside membership. A member company will need to complete the online application process, which includes a declaration, and upload documentation as evidence to support the application, in the new CHAS / ARCA Portal. Following this, an ARCA assessor will be able to access and audit the documentation, prior to CHAS accreditation confirmation.

When applying for CHAS (H&S), organisations need to confirm total number of employees, as the cost of accreditation is banded. For example, companies with 16 - 30 employees (office and site staff) would pay £465 if applying directly to CHAS. However, ARCA members can obtain a 25% discount (available across all bandings) when applying via ARCA.

Further information is available here