Unlocking the ARCA Site Audit Scheme: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) surrounding ARCA's audits within this article. We aim to provide comprehensive insights into the audits' purpose, and procedural aspects.

Why have we undergone numerous audits this year? I thought the limit was four per year?

The Site Audit Accreditation Scheme (SAAS) mandates four audits per membership year. For instance, if your company annually renews its membership on June 1st, audits conducted earlier in the year might fall under the previous membership year. Upon renewal, the audits reset to meet the requirement of four for the new membership year.

Why is the same supervisor audited repeatedly?

We receive weekly information from the HSE, lacking specific supervisor names. Consequently, targeting sites based on this data is unfeasible. To opt for a targeted approach, you can provide ARCA with your live sites and supervisor details or schedule an additional audit for the desired supervisor/site.

Why do you visit sites where we've postponed or cancelled the ASB5?

The notification information from the HSE arrives weekly (Wednesday AM). Any ASB5 amendments or cancellations made after that time won't reach us. Since July 1st, 2023, ARCA members are encouraged to inform us of ASB5 notification changes. This helps prevent aborted audits, reducing financial and environmental impact.

At what work stage does ARCA conduct audits?

ARCA audits occur at all contractor-present sites, irrespective of the work stage, aligning with the HSE's approach. This has been the standard procedure since July 1st, 2023.

Why can't I modify the PDF action log in the audit report or have an editable Word document?

The PDF is auto-generated by our audit application and isn't editable unless you have the appropriate Adobe package. However, using the new ARCA audit portal, action logs can be completed online, saved, and printed as needed. Refer to the Audit Portal User Guide (Section 3, subsection H) for guidance, available in the support tab within the audit portal.

What recourse do I have if I disagree with an audit finding?

Audits receive a provisional grade, subject to verification. Final grades might change following verification, which occurs within 14 days post-audit. Any appeals against audit findings must be lodged within this window. Afterward, no appeals or report amendments will be considered.


Learn more about the ARCA Audits scheme and embrace a culture committed to continuous improvement https://www.arca.org.uk/membership/arca-audits/.