Update on approved training providers for ALFA operatives

In light of the COVID 19 situation, ARCA had no choice but to reduce work on some projects including the development of the performance rating app, ALFA (Asbestos Labour Feedback App). Due to this ARCA has now made the decision to extend the deadline from when operatives in ALFA require licensed asbestos training certificates to be issued by a training provider on ARCA’s approved list.

To ensure that the licensed asbestos training the operatives receive meets the required standard, ARCA has an approved list of licensed asbestos training providers who have been assessed as meeting the requirements.  This list currently includes ARCA and UKATA Category C members, and other licensed asbestos training providers can be added to the list once successfully audited by ARCA. These audits will be provided by ARCA free of charge.

To ensure ALFA operatives are trained by those who can demonstrate to ARCA that they meet the training standards required, any licensed asbestos training certificate details entered into ALFA for operatives, where the certificate has been issued on or after 1st September 2020, must be issued by a training provider on ARCA’s approved list. Certificates which have been issued prior to 1st  September 2020, by any asbestos training provider and still in date, can be added into ALFA.

The ARCA approved list of asbestos training providers can be found on the ARCA website.