Working safely on site during COVID-19

The latest Government guidance for workers on outdoor sites and how to support the NHS Test and Trace service is available.

To support workers’ and site visitors’ health during the COVID-19 pandemic, this guidance includes topics such as; social distancing, PPE, managing the workforce (e.g. shift patterns and creating distinct groups to reduce the number of contacts each worker has) and managing visitors to site (minimise the number of unnecessary visits to the worksite and make sure visitors understand what they need to do to maintain safety).

Also, there is information on assisting the NHS Test and Trace service, where by companies should keep a temporary record of staff shift patterns and visitors to sites for 21 days. The information which should be recorded is:


  • Names of staff working on site
  • Contact phone number for each member of staff
  • Dates and times that staff are at work


  • Name of the site visitor. For groups, the name of the ‘lead member’ and the number of people should be recorded
  • Contact phone number for the visitor or the lead member of a group
  • Date of visit, arrival time and, where possible, departure time.

The latest (10 July 2020) guidance document is available on the website.