ALFA - LARC Employees

The ALFA LARC Employees System is available to all ARCA Member Contractors to support their training programmes.

This new stand-alone ALFA system has been developed to support member contractors in the management and fulfilment of their operatives’ training and development programmes

A rating is a training needs analysis (TNA) so will provide valuable information to support individual training programmes. This system enables ratings to be scheduled at set time intervals or requested at any time and can be for a specific type of asbestos work.

NEW - Members can now rate Employed Site Supervisors and Contract Managers in ALFA .Supervisors are rated across eight categories providing feedback on asbestos removal knowledge and skills, as well as behavioural attributes, and Contract Managers across five categories.


The ALFA LARC Employees System is a web-based application enabling:

  • Performance feedback - can rate an operatives’ performance across nine categories, covering asbestos competency and behaviour, with all ratings used to calculate an overall performance rating.
  • In-depth rating descriptors - ALFA now provides an in-depth rating category descriptor, together with a descriptor for each star rating for each individual category, to support consistency across those making the ratings.  Also, ratings have been simplified to be across 4 stars.
  • Training Need Analysis – feedback from site supervisors can identify areas where an operative can improve, therefore supporting training and development.
  • Action Functionality - Now, if more than one rating category is rated 2 stars or below an action will be flagged to the Training Manager, can request an action to a person within the business per rating category. For example, if ‘waste handling’ was rated low a request for fresher training can be assigned to a member of the training team and if “time keeping” was also rated low, the site supervisor can be requested to have a discussion with the operative to resolve the issue.
  • Ratings can be requested at any time – the Training Manager can request a rating for an employed operatives, supervisors or contract manager at any time and there is flexibility to rate on a specific type of asbestos work, perhaps one they have not worked on recently.   
  • Ratings can be scheduled - ratings for employed operatives, supervisors and contract managers can be scheduled at set time intervals, for example every three months, and highlighted to the Training Manager when a rating needs to be arranged. Also, ratings can be scheduled per individual operative if required.
  • Comments with rating – there is the option to enable a comment to be included against a rating category. All comments are recorded for the Training Manager to review and set any actions required, such as refresher training.
  • Asbestos training (Operatives) – based on all individual ratings (minimum of two) on licensed work over the last 12 months, an operative could either undertake an operative refresher course or ARCA is offering an experienced operative refresher half day remote course, for those who meet the performance criteria (only available to operatives registered in ALFA).
  • Certificate management – certificate information is easy to input and actual certificates can be uploaded, so all information is immediately available within ALFA. Also, certificates due to expire within 30 days are highlighted within the App so supporting renewal management.
  • Print overall performance rating per operative – when an employed operative, supervisor or contract manager has an overall performance rating this can be printed, showing the percentage rating per category and certificate information is included (if inputted into ALFA) and actions if relevant. Ideal for including in a site information pack
  • Automated system – ALFA provides an online system for employed operatives, supervisors and contract managers’ information, ratings and certificates to be in one App. This information, including ratings, can be download into an excel spreadsheet for analysis.


The ALFA LARC Employees system is a service ARCA is making available, at no cost, to all its asbestos removal contractor members.


To register and for further information call 01283 566467

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